Tips for streak free windshield cleaning!

In this video we did for Autofiber, we show you that the process for streak free windhsield cleaning is not necessarily the towel or materials or chemicals used, but the process. While we demonstrate some of the chemicals and towels that make the process easier, the truth is, it’s as simple as the process for streak free windshield cleaning!

Tips for a streak free windhsield cleaning summary:

In 2023, Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings shares tips and techniques for achieving a streak-free windshield cleaning process. The focus is on emphasizing the importance of the towel and the cleaning method.

Three key tips are highlighted. Firstly, it’s essential to use a clean towel or a clean side of a multi-sided towel to avoid dirt and grime that can lead to streaks. Secondly, performing the cleaning process out of direct sunlight is recommended to prevent complications caused by sun glare. Lastly, the technique involves cleaning horizontally on one side of the glass and vertically on the other side, making it easier to identify and rectify streaks.

The cleaning process itself consists of two steps: removing dirt and grime and achieving a streak-free finish. Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings showcases the use of American Detailer Garage Breeze, a glass-specific cleaner, along with the Reachr kit for interior detailing and a smooth glass flip towel.

The process starts by spraying the windshield with Breeze and using the twisted pile side of the smooth glass flip towel for the initial cleaning. This step may leave some streaks, which are later eliminated using the smooth side of the same towel. Additionally, the Reachr kit proves effective for cleaning the interior glass, allowing detailers to access tight spots easily.

In conclusion, achieving a streak-free windshield involves selecting the right tools, employing the proper technique, and ensuring the towel remains clean and dry throughout the process. By following these steps, Auto Fiber users can expect streak-free results for windshield cleaning in 2023.

What choices do you have where these streak free windshield tips can come in handy?


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How to get streak free windshield cleaning? Transcript. - Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights

hey autofiber team it’s 2023 and maybe you haven’t figured out how to get streak free glass well I’m going to show you how to do it easily right after this

all right so what’s more important the chemical or the towel the towel is actually more important than the chemical but the process and the technique is more important than both so I have three tips before we get started tip number one always use a clean towel or always use a clean side of a towel that has multiple sides and the reason for that is dirt and grime will actually cause streaks so a big mistake that people make is they use a dirty or a partially used towel to finish up the windshield and they end up with streaks tip number two don’t do it in the Sun so if you are a mobile detailer try to do the windshield first before the sun comes up or flip the vehicle around so that the sun is not shining directly into the windshield that also causes problems tip number three is when you’re cleaning your windshield clean horizontally on one side and vertically on another that way if you see a streak you know whether it comes from the inside or the outside and you’re not constantly getting in and out of the vehicle checking know where that streak is located cleaning glass is basically a two-step process and it can be used with any chemical or towel but some are better than others Step One is cleaning the dirt grime and film off the windshield or the glass and for that we typically use a twisted pile side of the towel and then the second step is a streak free final wipe which we use a lower pile side of the towel or a separate towel entirely the most important thing to remember is that the towel needs to be cleaned or dry to prevent streaks all right now we’re going to talk about the tools that we’re going to use today and we’re going to use three primary things today we’re going to use American detailer garage Breeze which is the glass specific cleaner although you can use American Detailer garage Wipeout diluted to the correct ratio we’re going to use the reacher kit which has a flexible extension which is great for the Interiors getting between the windshield and where the dashboard meets and then we’re going to use the smooth glass flip but you can also use use the Double Glass flip and both of those will work with the reacher kit but in this example we’re going to use a smooth glass flip all right the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to spray the windshield with American detailer garage Breeze and then we’re going to use the Twisted pile side of the smooth glass flip and we’re going to go vertically to clean the glass and you’ll notice there’s some streaks on the glass and that’s okay because we haven’t switched to the smooth side for the streak free finish then we’re going to switch it to the smooth

and we’re going to eliminate those streaks

if your towel gets saturated or dirty it’s no problem because we can flip it inside and out and get clean and dry sides next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to clean the inside and for this I’m going to use the reacher kit and you could probably see the smudges from the exterior shot and those are all on the inside of the glass so the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to spray

the glass with American Detailer garage Breeze I’m going to use the Twisted pile side and I’m going to try to go horizontally the best I can and the reacher kit is great because it conforms and allows you to bend and get into tight spots and it’s also great if you’re looking for efficiency especially as a mobile detailer where you’re doing multiple cars a day because you notice I can reach the whole windshield from here without getting out of the car now I’m going to come back through I’m going to flip it over and use the smooth side for my final wipe

this actually works so well I almost don’t need the final wipe but I’m going to do it anyways because I try to do things only one time I don’t want to get out of the car and find out that I missed a spot

all right today I promised you a streak free windshield and we showed you how to do it nice and easy with American detailer garage Breeze the auto fiber Reacher kit and the smooth glass flip now you have a lot of options but that’s what we use today go check them out from Auto fiber and get Street free windshields in 2023

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