What are the most popular clear bra packages?

We have plenty of options for clear bra (paint protection film) packages. We can even do individual panels either for you preference, to redo them, or for insurance purposes (should you get into an accident, etc).

However, we have three popular packages that we sell the most of:

Full front clear bra package.

For the full front clear bra package we include the mirrors, fenders, hood, and front bumper. This is a great paint protection film option for some daily drivers that might not see a ton of rock chips along the rocker panels or pillars. It protects against a lot of your typical damage and debris we see with clear bra. 


Track package clear bra.

We call this clear bra package the “track package” or “track pack” mainly because a lot of sports cars get this. It isn’t just for people that need clear bra for the racetrack, but that is how it got its name. Some cars that aren’t necessarily sports cars, but might have more sensitive paint, such as Teslas, also use this package more than the full front clear bra. C8 Corvettes are a really popular track package clear bra candidate, and I don’t think we have done anything less than a track package on a Corvette. The track package clear bra covers everything the full front clear bra package (above) does, but adds rocker panels, partial pillars, and leading roof edge.


Full body clear bra package.

As the name suggests, we cover almost all of the car in clear bra, if it is an area that can feasibly covered. This is the ultimate in protection, and this is what we have on our BMW i8 and our Ford Explorer. It makes cleaning up an absolute breeze because the paint protection film is self-healing, so you don’t have to worry as much about scratching the paint like you would if you didn’t have it. This is end all be all protection against I35 debris coming up from the Austin area to the Killeen/Harker Heights/Copperas Cove areas and beyond.

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