What certifications do you hold?

When we first opened our business, we were using Gtechniq, a great ceramic coating brand, but the consumer version. 

We then moved to Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings fairly quickly, which was our first professional brand certification. We later traveled to San Diego, California from Killeen to certify at Ceramic Pro Carlsbad in Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra). For some time we were only using Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings and Ceramic Pro Kavaca clear bra/PPF. Ceramic Pro Kavaca makes a self-healing, ceramic-infused, and matte finish clear bra.

We then attended the online basic and advanced training from Auto Film Mastery for clear bra installs, followed by two more clear bra/paint protection film seminars over the next few months in Houston, Texas (again with Auto Film Mastery/Auto Film Specialists). Our clear bra mentor, Mike Norng, runs these training events, and we purchase a lot of tools from makemoneyllc.com, where Mike pioneers various clear bra and tint installation tools. 

Around the same time, we attended a two day certification course with Global Films, another clear bra/paint protection film provider. They also provide window tint.

We also began using Legend paint protection film, which we used while in training at Auto Film Mastery. Legend makes an amazing clear bra that we love working with. Legend was born from some of the former makers of Suntek film, which was later purchased by Eastman/Llumar.

Not satisfied stopping there, we also became certified with STEK films, which is the industry standard for fashion paint protection films (carbon fiber, Damascus, color-change, etc). You may have seen us installing STEK high gloss carbon fiber clear bra on our own BMW i8.

We have also reached out to Xpel, which is based in San Antonio, Texas, to inquire about taking their training and becoming certified to use their films, as well. We love to have options for our clients, and we don’t tie ourselves to one brand at a time. Each brand offers many opportunities, and you may find that Xpel has 72″ clear film in stock, when perhaps STEK is out of stock on the same clear bra. Xpel utilizes an amazing software program, but they also prefer a little more exclusivity with their brand, similar to Ceramic Pro Kavaca. We prefer to stock and work with various types of paint protection films, just in case a client has a preference.

In our experience, however, most clients (and most installers) cannot tell the difference between clear bra manufacturers once installed on the vehicle. The primary difference is in the installation and adhesive recipes of the clear bra, more so than the overall end result and appearance. This of course only applies to major brands, which all carry 10 or more years of warranty (with Ceramic Pro offering a 12 year warranty).

For ceramic coatings, we have access to Ceramic Pro, Sb3, System X, R1, and many others. 

Ultimately, we try to choose the best clear bra and the best ceramic coating for our clients, and we take care of any warranty issues. We aren’t going anywhere, so you can rest assured that you will never have to file a single warranty claim yourself.

And in our experience, once the product is on and performing because we only use the best ceramic coatings and clear bra, there are seldom any issues.

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