What do you ceramic coat on each package?

Every one of our regular ceramic coating packages includes the following surfaces coated:

– All external painted surfaces ceramic coated

– All external plastics (trim, grilles, splash guards, etc) ceramic coated

– All external lights (fog lights, head lights, tail lights, etc) ceramic coated

– All glass surfaces (to include windshield, mirrors, etc) with glass-specific ceramic coating

– Wheel faces (excluding barrels/internal parts/calipers) ceramic coated with a wheel-appropriate coating (different coatings may be used depending upon finish of wheels, as some ceramic coatings are not suggested for gloss black or matte/satin wheesls)

– Running boards (please note that the high-impact/traffic areas are not warrantied as the ceramic coating will wear off with excessive abrasion from foot traffic) ceramic coated

What can be added?

– We can remove, or you can remove wheels and we can ceramic coat the entire wheel (known as “wheels-off”) for an additional charge

– We can ceramic coat plastic wheel liners to make mud cleanup and similar easier for an additional charge

– We can ceramic coat interior surfaces including door jambs for an additional charge (textile surfaces, leather, plastic, etc)

– You can also add any amount of clear bra to the job

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