What do you do for continuing education for clear bra/paint protection film, ceramic coating, and auto detailing?

You would be surprised at the number of auto detailers out there that have only used YouTube to train and never look back. 

Our largest source of time spent is improving our knowledge on clear bra installations, which are so different based on the car or even trim level of the car we are putting the paint protection film on. We attend in-person training events quarterly at Auto Film Mastery in Houston, Texas, and we also subscribe to the Auto Film Mastery installer library, where new vehicles are added weekly (videos that show one of the best clear bra installers in the country showing each panel and how to install the paint protection film on a specific car). We are also members of several professional clear bra/PPF installer groups, to include paint protection film disassembly groups (where we discuss how to safely remove pieces of vehicles such as badges or emblems to create the cleanest clear bra installations).

We are also members of the professional detailing community, where we moderate topics in the largest Facebook group for professional detailers, Detailing for Money (we are also members of a similar group called PPF/Tint for Money).

Lastly, we remain in close contact with our mentors for clear bra and paint correction/paint enhancement, and maintain great relationships with the product developers for the ceramic coating products we use from SB3, System X, and Ceramic Pro. We consult with former product designers from Meguiar’s, who advise on how to best tackle paint correction/paint enhancement problems.

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