What is clear bra and what does it protect against?

Clear bra, or paint protection film (also known as PPF), was developed by 3M during the Vietnam War to protect military helicopter blades from dust, damage, and debris. You might have even heard clear bra called “helicopter tape.” 


Clear bra is an 8 mil thick layer of protective film that we install on your vehicle to protect against damage. Most manufacturers such as Xpel, Kavaca/Ceramic Pro, STEK, Legend, and many more are usually within this range of thickness and warranty (10-12 years). Generally speaking, the primary difference between them is the adhesive, which is more of something we deal with during installation, but once it is on the car and past the two week inspection period, they are almost all indistinguishable. 


It protects against rock chips, scratches, and other environmental damage. Most clear bra is “self-healing” – meaning, many scratches and other minor damage will go away from heat (hot water or the Texas heat!). You can see an example of this on our TikTok.


Most of the time we install a glossy clear bra on the vehicle, but we also have a ton of “fashion films” from STEK – carbon fiber pattern, gloss black, matte black, Damascus pattern, and a ton of other options for PPF.

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