What is the process for paint enhancement/paint correction/ceramic coating?

The process is somewhat time-consuming, but this is what we specialize in. 

We start by washing your vehicle by one of the methods we talk about in other videos either using rinsleess wash or our MTM foam cannon. 

Afterward, we use iron and fallout remover as needed to remove embedded iron particles from your vehicle’s paint, and we use a clay bar to remove most of what else is left. 

We then conduct a one, two, or three-step paint correction/paint enhancement (we talk about that in another question and answer), depending upon the amount or swirls or correction required. 

We spray a solvent panel prep to the vehicle to strip any remaining compound or polish from the paint, or other residues. And then your vehicle is ready to ceramic coat. After we ceramic coat the vehicle, we let the paint and ceramic coating cure for 24 hours and then you’re ready to pick up your freshly ceramic-coated (or clear bra and ceramic-coated) vehicle!

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