What Is The Purpose Of The Two-Week Inspection Period?

Why do we ask to follow up at two weeks? 

You can see our video about tucking and trimming embedded below.

We make every effort to ensure you will never need to come back and see us for tucking and trimming, but we cannot promise it won’t happen! Two weeks is when the clear bra should be curing; our Central Texas heat and humidity have taken effect. 

Sometimes we try to get the clear bra as close as possible to the edge of the body panel. There is always a fine line between wrapping and tucking edges and putting the film so close to the edge that it has the potential of lifting because there isn’t enough paint to grab onto. Sometimes we hope that an edge will be ok, but perhaps it rubs against the adjacent body panel that we don’t anticipate. 

Every vehicle is a new clear bra/paint protection film puzzle, and we don’t always know how an edge will hold up under pressure. We try to anticipate, of course.

It’s ok, however! We would like you to catalog what needs to be addressed, and we will handle it all at once at the two-week mark! We always take care of our clients here at HHCC as if they are family – we will fix any issue. 

Sometimes, you might have an air bubble in the clear bra / PPF – they can be addressed with an insulin syringe! Sometimes, you might have an edge that slightly lifts – we can trim it back! Occasionally, you might notice water/water bubbles under the film – this is normal and should evaporate! 

We can come to you to perform these adjustments to your clear bra install in many cases! 

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