Why ceramic coat your wheels? What is a wheels-off package?

In this video we are talking today about the benefit of ceramic coating your wheels, both inside and out. 

We are at Chromatic Coatings (https://www.facebook.com/ChromaticCoatings22/) where we have a partnership coating wheels for clients who have had them freshly powder coated. It’s easy to confuse ceramic coating that Chromatic Coatings does with ceramic coating we do. We ceramic coat cars, wheels, etc to make them easier to clean up. There is also a ceramic coating that goes on exhaust parts to make them cooler and keep engine bay temperature and similar down. 

Listen, don’t blame us – we didn’t make the terms confusing!

What is powder coating? Powder coating, unlike painting, uses dry powder applied electrostatically to a surface and then heated up to create a hard finish. You can use something like this to take, say, a silver wheel you got from the factory and (like these) have them changed to a satin black!

Why would you want to ceramic coat your wheels?

We include a ceramic coating of wheel faces on all of our ceramic coating packages, as well as glass. Even on our one-year warranty!

What makes ceramic coating all parts of the wheel a good idea, especially when they are off the car?

  1. We can can reach every part of the wheel, to include the barrel. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to clean the other parts of the wheel? Now it will be much easier – in many cases you may be able to spray off and be satisfied with the results or spray some Americana Global wheel cleaner and have to use very little agitation to get it to clean. With a lot of newer vehicles including larger and larger brake calipers, it can be quite difficult to reach every spot on the wheel.
  1. Brake dust has a lot of corrosive elements, especially iron. Brake dust can rust and even eat through the finish of your wheels. If you have ever seen a rough appearance that cannot be cleaned, a pitted appearance – you know that brake dust can eat through the wheel finish. It is best to ceramic coat your wheels prior to them even going on the vehicle. This will provide an added layer of protection to your car’s wheels right from the beginning. Besides the protection itself, being that it makes it easier to clean, you’re more likely to get small nooks and crannies between the spokes or barrel clean, which eliminates that corrosive dust that will degrade the wheels over time.
  1. When the wheel is off the car, aside from being able to ceramic coat them easier, we are also able to clean and prepare them for coating easier. When wheels are on the car, even we cannot reach every single spot on the wheel, again, potentially because of the big brake kits.

Wheels off of the car can also be ceramic coated if they have tires on them.

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