What products do you use?

We actually get this question fairly often, and we never make an attempt to disguise what products we use. Sometimes we utilize different products on the same clear bra or ceramic coating installation if we think it will benefit our clients. If you have a specific product you are looking for, we can try to obtain it. 


Auto Detailing Products and Equipment & Brands:


Meguiar’s, P&S, Americana Global, Ceramic Pro, Autofiber, American Detailer Garage, Stoner, Rapid Remover, McCollough, Gorilla, 3M, Dirty-Tools, Renegade, Dead Dog, Giraffe Tools, MTM, and much more.


Paint Enhancement/Paint Correction Equipment & Brands:


Meguiar’s, Lake Country, SB3, Ceramic Pro, Americana Global, 3D, 3M, Flex, Rupes, Bauer, ScanGrip, Autofiber, and more.


Ceramic Coating Equipment & Brands:


SB3, System X, R1, Ceramic Pro, Iwata, Autofiber, ScanGrip, and more.


Clear Bra/Paint Protection Film/PPF Equipment & Brands:


Legend, Global Films, Ceramic Pro Kavaca, STEK, Graphtec, MAO Pod Station, Auto Film Mastery, 3M, Core, Eastman/Llumar, Xpel (requested access), and more.

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