Why Sign A Ceramic Coating Or Clear Bra Waiver Prior To Scheduling?

While we call our paint correction/ceramic coating/clear bra (paint protection film) waivers a waiver, it’s really an expectation management tool designed to highlight issues that may come up that we have failed to address in person. We are human, and it can be tough to remember to talk about every single thing prior to or during delivery of a vehicle. 

These waivers aren’t designed to scare clients away by presenting multiple issues that could occur with clear bra and ceramic coating, but rather an informational tool to address things such as not using an automatic car wash, or not getting your vehicle wet for 24 hours after a ceramic coating, or other permanent issues (such as getting your pressure washer nozzle too close to the film during washing). 

We prefer that our clients are as informed as possible, and that we are as transparent as possible with any potential risks during ceramic coating and clear bra installation and aftercare. 

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