Why don't stickers or decals stick to ceramic-coated surfaces?

Did you see the video about how ceramic coating works?

Ceramic coating fills in the peaks and valleys in your vehicle’s paint. Have you ever read how you should scuff up paint or other surfaces to make things stick better? When you fill in the peaks and valleys using ceramic coating, it makes it more difficult for stickers or decals to stick to the ceramic-coated surfaces.

If we think you will be using a decal (such as a track car), we will ask you to ensure we don’t coat areas that you will be 100% covered. If it isn’t obvious, please let us know if you need us to leave a spot untreated with ceramic coating.


What happens if we change our mind later?

If for some reason you decide to place a decal on later or some other adhesive, we can scuff the surface using a compound or polish to remove the ceramic coating. 

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