Why don't you have a traditional shop?

Lot’s of reasons!


  1. As business took off, we started looking for property that was feasible to open a business like this with, and if you have been paying attention – real estate in the Killeen/Fort Hood, and surrounding areas is totally crazy! See that abandoned bingo hall as you came by? $1,000,000 and it’s not even set up for vehicles! We simply couldn’t find anything we liked, anywhere nearby, that was zoned for auto detailing/paint correction/clear bra/ceramic coating type services, or anything that was reasonably priced. Most places weren’t much bigger than our own little shop, and other places were on the opposite end of the spectrum and both entirely too large, too isolated, and too expensive. Also…


  1. We don’t like the areas that these businesses are in, generally speaking. Many of the nicer areas are not zoned for this type of building without buying new land and building from the ground up, which we didn’t want to do. Many auto-related businesses are forced into specific areas of Killeen. Let’s face it, most residents hear auto business and picture junked cars, fumes, and lots of toxic waste, so they tend to be in more industrial areas.


  1. We wanted flexibility. We wanted to be home, and put in longer hours if need be, or be around at all times to help clients.

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