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C7 Stingray Five Year Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction

This client traveled to the Killeen/Harker Heights area to have us initially install a full front clear bra/paint protection film/PPF package on his 2016 C7 Stingray, as well as a five year SB3 Coatings Alpha ceramic coating package (including a two year SB3 Coatings Vortex ceramic coating for the wheels, and one year SB3 Coatings Optic ceramic coating for the windshield). 

However, upon closer inspection, we called the client to tell him that we didn’t advise to install clear bra, as the amount of rock chips in the vehicle’s front bumper, hood, and fenders, were borderline too many to look good under the film. We also err on the side of caution, as paint protection film is not an inexpensive investment, and we want our clients to be incredibly happy with the end result. Clear bra over top of rock chips appears as air pockets or imperfections under the film. A few here and there are typically not a huge concern, and we will the rock chips with a little bit of a color matched crayon prior to installing the film/wrap. At a certain point, however, it is better to forego the clear bra/paint protection film and just stick to polishing/paint correction/paint enhancement and ceramic coating. 

This paint just looked stunning under the lights in the shop at HHCC, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. For this project, we used our Flex cordless polishers, Meguiar’s microfiber cutting pads with Meguiar’s M110 Ultra Pro Speed Compound followed by Lake Country HDO Blue Foam with M110 as a polishing agent.

Meguiar's M110 Ultra Pro Speed Compound

Meguiar’s M110 Ultra Pro Speed Compound, when used with the right pad combination and skill, can finish as well, if not better, than some polishes on the market. If you need to use a polish, Meguiar’s M210 Ultra Pro Finishing Polish is a good choice. M110 and M210 essentially are follow up products from the older Meguiar’s M105 and M205, which still exist on the market. M205 can sometimes be used when you need to cut a little harder with a polish, as the M205 is slightly higher cutting agent than M210.

Read more about clear bra/paint protection film: https://hhceramiccoatings.com/clear-bra/ 

Read more about ceramic coating: https://hhceramiccoatings.com/ceramic-coating/

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