How long does paint enhancement/paint correction take?

Don’t you hate when someone answers a question with, “It depends?”

Typically, we can conduct a paint correction/paint enhancement and apply a ceramic coating in one day. However, that also depends on how deep or extensive the scratches and swirls are. We do our best to provide an accurate representation of timeline – sometimes, scratches and swirls in the paint require a little more time to get out than others or than we would expect. 

If a vehicle has severe oxidation, or deep scratches from years of automatic car washes, like the Today’s Car Wash/Mister Car Wash in Kileen, it could take longer as more and more passes during the paint correction/paint enhancement. might be required.

We never like to ask for additional time, and prefer to finish the paint correction and ceramic coating (and clear bra) with time to spare. In any case, we are always in constant communication with our clients, and you will get consistent updates along the way.

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