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Did you ever wonder what those little rusty flecks were on your lighter-colored vehicle? No need to wonder anymore: they’re rusting flecks of iron or metal shards! 


If your vehicle is brand new, and you’re trying to figure out how you have these spots, or even if your vehicle is older and a typical auto detailing just isn’t helping get out these pesky spots, look no further. What you need is iron and fallout remover. 


We like to use SB3 Decon as our go-to iron and fallout remover, but you may have heard of a type called Iron X by CarPro. Iron X works as well, but let me tell you something: Iron & fallout removers STINK! SB3 Coatings Decon iron & fallout remover does not stink NEARLY as bad as many, if not all, of the other iron and fallout removers on the market. These chemicals smell because of a chemical called Ammonium Mercaptoacetate, or, Thioglycolate acid. Something in Ammonium Mercaptoacetate, known as Mercaptan, is also added to propane and natural gas to add a smell (so we can actually smell it, since by nature, they are odorless). 


Iron can embed itself in your paint in a number of ways, even on a new vehicle, which is why we like to use SB3 Coatings Decon and a clay bar prior to any ceramic coating or clear bra/paint protection film/PPF installation. This is especially true on lighter-colored vehicles.

 – Train/rails sending metal shavings into the paint to rust 

– Metal shipping containers 

– Factories 

– Brake dust 

– Construction 

– and more 


It’s a good idea to decon your paint using SB3 Coatings Decon at least every six months or so. We like to agitate our iron and fallout remover here at Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings with a clay bar. Note: an aggressive clay bar on a darker vehicle may leave light marring on the paint that needs to be polished off. If you don’t want to use a clay bar, you can use a wash mitt. 

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Rinse/clean the vehicle to ensure the SB3 Coatings Decon can adequately touch/reach the painted surface in order to remove the iron deposits. 

Step 2: Spray SB3 Coatings Decon onto the paint directly and wait for the reaction (purple color change, purple streaking). 

(repeat as needed) Step 3: Agitate the surface with either a clay bar or wash mitt. 

Step 4: Rinse the vehicle off and allow it to dry if you have an Adam’s Deionized water system as we have, or hand dry it if you don’t. Do not let SB3 Coatings Decon dry on the paint, and do not apply in the sunlight. 

For us, Step 5 and beyond usually entails polishing/paint correction/paint enhancement, ceramic coating, and/or clear bra/paint protection film/PPF.

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SB3 Coatings (sb3coating.com) are great coatings, and are similar to other offerings we have had in the past. You may be more familiar with other brands’ offerings, so here is a quick reference to help you understand our transition.


 – The SB3 Coatings Solo is similar to Ceramic Pro Sport (although SB3 Solo has a one-year warranty whereas Ceramic Pro Sport has a six-month warranty)

– SB3 Coatings Omega is similar to Ceramic Pro Bronze (Ceramic Pro Top Coat) two year coating

– The SB3 Coatings Thirty3 is a three-year ceramic coating, which is a warranty period we have not had in the past.

– SB3 Coatings Alpha is a five-year coating, similar to the Ceramic Pro Silver (five-year) package, which uses Ceramic Pro 9H (one layer) and Ceramic Pro Top Coat (one layer). SB3 Coatings Alpha utilizes a single coating system which helps us get your vehicle back to you faster without sacrificing quality.

– The SB3 Coatings Trinity is a seven-year coating, which we did not offer previously with Ceramic Pro.

– SB3 Coatings Vortex is a two-year ceramic coating similar to Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper or Ceramic Pro 9H (when used on wheels).

– The SB3 Coatings Optic is a one-year ceramic coating similar to Ceramic Pro Glass, and is used on your windshield/glass surfaces.


We have access to many brands of ceramic coatings, and we always choose what is best for the client in their particular situation.