Why don't you install clear bra on headlights?

There are two camps in the clear bra community. One camp says to clear bra all headlights. The other camp says there is a risk of de-lamination of the OEM headlight clearcoat. As cars become more and more expensive, with greater technology (our BMW i8 has “Laser Light” headlights that were a $6,000 option when the car was new!!!), the cons outweigh the pros, in our opinion. We have owned 25 years in the last 25 years, and have worked on countless others. We rarely see headlights so bad from rock chips that it justifies delamination and risk on our end. Many clear bra manufacturers do not warranty film on the headlights for this reason. And the risk increases as the years pass. What happens if it delaminates? You need to wet sand, compound, and polish the headlights before re-installing.


Some train of thought is that if you install it correctly the first time, there is no need to remove the clear bra, and therefore, no risk of delamination. However, sometimes environmental factors, large rocks, or other issues (maybe someone details your car and hits the edge with a pressure washer and gets water under the film – we have seen this) may cause you to have to prematurely remove the film. 


For us, this is simply a business / financial decision. The risk is not worth the cost of our insurance deductible / time should this become an issue. We will still gladly install on your headlights, but with additional cost and waivers. 


We apologize if this is disappointing to you, and of course we are happy to discuss further what might be best for you and your vehicle!

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